Review of Colonial Stock Transfer Agency

Colonial Stock Transfer Agency: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Dealing with your stocks and bonds is something you don’t want to trust just any company to take care of. You need an agency that ensures transparency and honesty. You also want one with industry knowledge and experience as one of the best transfer agents available.

While looking at options, you’re likely to find Colonial Stock Transfer. This is a popular transfer agency that many businesses use, but is it one of the best?

Let’s take an in-depth look at what exactly Colonial Stock promises as a transfer agency.

Colonial Stock Transfer Services

The most important quality of any transfer agent is the services it offers. A good transfer agent will be up front about the range of tasks they can do for your business.

What Colonial Stock Transfer can offer its clients is a diverse range of services including:

  • SEC Filing Services
  • Transfer Agent Services
  • DTC Eligibility Services
  • Press Release Services
  • Corporate Action Services
  • Consultation Service
  • And much more!

Below we’ve broken down some of these services, so you know exactly what they offer and how they’ll help you to manage assets. Use these factors to determine if Colonial Stock Transfer is the right choice for you and your company.

Blue Sky Compliance

If you aren’t already familiar, blue sky compliance entails that you are not a fraudulent company. Compliance with these laws means that you are open to trade with many firms. Firms that adhere to these regulations prevent fraud by only trading with blue sky compliant companies.

Colonial Stock Transfer can set your company up for a larger trading pool by pulling your standards up. They can register you to be compliant with whatever blue sky laws are in place in your area.

DTC Eligibility Services

Becoming DTC eligible is a huge addition to the efficiency of any company. It allows you to trade shares without having to submit each stock transfer to the agency. Your company can trade shares via electronic rather than manual routes. This saves time on tedious tasks that you could otherwise spend on increasing your revenue and building your company.

Press Release Services

Colonial Stock Transfer boasts some serious connections NASDAQ Globenewswire. This allows them to offer a 20% discount for press release services. All clients who register with their link can generate these press releases at NASDAQ Globenewswire. Press releases will comply with SEC regulations on fair disclosure while saving you money in the process.


One of the key benefits of working with Colonial Stock Transfer is their technology. This company stays up-to-date and competitive with technology and innovative practices. The employees draw upon years of proven practices in the industry.

In addition, they possess extensive training and education in the latest technologies. These practices help their clients to save time and money.

Their employee plan allows for secure web-based management of compensation for employees. This applies only if this compensation is stock-based. Stock-based compensation can be messy and difficult to fully regulate as an employer. It takes time and effort to handle this tedious payment policy.

Colonial Stock Transfer’s employee plan allows you, as an employer, to streamline payment plans for employees.

Innovative Tactics

This company is a great example of an agency that balances old and new approaches. The result is monetary benefits for clients in both the short and long term. Their issuer services are seemingly all-encompassing. Plus, they offer a range of skills not commonly found under one roof.

Many businesses frequently jump around from one company to the next. Sometimes, it’s necessary to get all of the stock transfer and recordkeeping services you need. However, working with Colonial Stock Transfer means that you only have to work with one.

This entails just one consultation. You don’t have to re-explain your company’s needs each time you need a new service. This business believes in building relations with its clients, so they can best serve them and their needs for the long haul.

The company offers services related to SEC reporting, recordkeeping, and services. All these help your company manage its relationship with its shareholders. This can be important for communications and corporate actions like stock splits or acquisitions. A company that offers all these services in one place is a rare find. Many clients of Colonial say that the quality of services matches up and exceeds expectations.

Shareholder Services

Colonial Stock Transfer has a diverse offering of shareholder services. These can be as simple as aiding in safe stock ownership transfers. They will help to fill out the right documents and remove restrictions. It also might involve something more niche like helping those who have lost their stock certificate.

One service that shareholders have found immensely helpful is the internet proxy voting. Through Colonial, they can vote and view information online. This saves shareholders time since they don’t have to wait for the annual meeting. This makes the entire process easier for shareholders.

Other Services

IPO services are a major draw for many who choose to work with Colonial. The company assists private companies in getting through the process including:

  • Appointment and custody
  • Closing call support
  • Advisory through the entire IPO process.

Many clients are a big fan of their flat-rate pricing. This plan means that everything is up front and in the open. Transparency is essential in finding a stock transfer agency that works for you. At Colonial, transparency is a priority.

Getting in Touch

Descriptions and reviews can give you plenty of information about a company. However, knowing whether they are right for your needs as a stockholder may mean consultation is necessary. Colonial are available around the clock for current and potential clients.

You can reach them quickly and easily via the web form on their website. This eases the transaction, so that they can answer specific questions. That way, you don’t have to waste your time on a phone call. For a personal touch though, all potential clients are welcome to call them at 801-355-5740.

How Easy Stock Loans Can Help

Colonial Stock Transfer has been in the business for over 30 years in good standing with the SEC. Their services allow you to streamline your asset management.

If you are ready to work with them but want more information, or think a different agency would be better sutied for your business, give Easy Stock Loans a call. We can help you determine if Colonial Stock Transfer is the right solution for your business size and assets.

Fill out the contact form to get in touch. We’ll be happy to assist!

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